About LCDT

Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust (LCDT) is a non-profit making company limited by guarantee (SC445206), which was originally formed as Lochwinnoch Community Development Company in 2013.  It has recently changed its name and constitution to include ‘Trust’ in order to broaden its remit and is now a member of the Development Trusts Association of Scotland (DTAS).

The company currently has five directors and over 80 members. The inaugural general meeting of LCDT was held on December 5th 2018.

Lochwinnoch is a village nestled between Clyde Muirshiel Regional park and Semple Loch, in Renfrewshire, with around 2600 residents. Lochwinnoch has numerous community assets which  LCDT could support, maintain and even potentially develop into enterprises with social and environmental purposes. Lochwinnoch is a historical village, with a variety of local interest groups, sites of scientific interest, on the edge of a regional park, hosting a bird sanctuary, with many young families, older residents and everyone in between. In addition, we have a host of natural resources which, we believe, if put to good use, could financially enrich the community of the village as well as lead us, collectively,  towards a more ethical and sustainable future.

An example of one of our resources is the water aquifer, currently situated under the old Struthers lemonade factory. LCDC previously commissioned geological and legal studies (2018) which have shown that the aquifer is substantial and lies under both private and council-owned land. LCDT hopes that this resource could soon come into community ownership and could generate substantial income (£tens of thousands, at least!) every year, for community projects. See our Water Project for more information.

In 2017 LCDC were awarded free consultancy support for the water project under the Enterprise Accelerator Programme.  Community Enterprise provided some consultation on how to fund such a project, legal structures and website recommendations. We have taken this advice on board and have redone our website. We are now considering our options for project fundraising.

In the meantime, LCDT has been awarded a small grant from Renfrewshire Council Empowerment Fund to progress the development of LCDT. As part of this development process, we have commissioned a feasibility study for LCDT, including a community consultation in the village.   We hope this analysis will be accessible, inclusive and representative of a variety of views and opinions in the community. Ultimately the study will inform the work of LCDT now and in the future.  The consultation process started in March 2019.


Our Directors