Funding news – August 2019

Research so far to seek funding for the project Each member of the Funding Group researched the pros and cons of various methods of funding for all stages of the Project – eg Crowdfunding, Commercial and other Loans, Community Shares, Community Bonds and we have had discussions with several organisations specialising in funding for Community… Continue reading Funding news – August 2019

Asset Transfer Request

A major milestone was passed when, after months of preparatory work,  LCDT’s  Asset Transfer (AT) request for the Lochhead Avenue site was submitted to Renfrewshire Council (RC)on 26th July.  This great news was on the agenda for the members meeting on 29th July which was well attended despite being peak holiday season. Receipt of the… Continue reading Asset Transfer Request

Feedback from the Public Consultation Meeting

Thank you to everyone that came to our Public Consultation meeting on March 30th, 2019 at the annexe. We have now collated the feedback from the discussions. The purpose of the meeting was to promote the work of the LCDT (Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust) and to gather the views of the community relating to the… Continue reading Feedback from the Public Consultation Meeting

Have Your Say before the 10th of May!

We are excited that the Lochwinnoch Community Development Trust Consultation is now underway!  We would like to give as many interested parties the chance to have their say.  The survey has been completed by around 100 individuals at time of going to press, which is great, but we would like many more responses, especially from… Continue reading Have Your Say before the 10th of May!